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FASM-005 Borrowed Identity – Stimulation EP (12″)

Artist: Borrowed Identity

Remix: Mark E
Title: Stimulation EP

Release date: Jun 5, 2012
Distributed via


The still fresh Label „Foul & Sunk“ is about to release their fifth EP, and still not an year old! This time ist is the debut single from Oldschool-House affictionado Borrowed Identity. Though still young, you could easily believe that he was there since the beginning, producing a fusion of Detroit- and Chicago- Style House with his own up-to-date Flavour.

And he got the fantastic Mark E to finish the A-Side of this 4-Track Record with a remix!

The A Side starts with „Stimulation“. And that’s a perfect name for this track that comes with a really dry and classic combination of smashing snairs and a bumping bassline, soon accompanied by a spheric synth that sends you flying on the dancefloor. This one’s a soon to be classic that feels like produced with the trippy afterhours of grimey underground clubs in mind, but can be played at every part of your set – if you play it right, that is.

The A2 is the Mark E Remix No.9 of „Stimulation“. And it draws a clear line between everything called „edit“ and a proper remix. His own Interpretation of this track reminds of a steam machine, gaining force as it rolls forward, using the sounds of the original mix to build up a totally different energy – one that is demanding but at the same time keeps you going and wanting more.

The B Side doesn’t come short, either.
„Faith“, the first track on the Flipside (if you’re a vinyl lover) is a bit more laidback, but on the dancefloor a huge shaker! Smooth keys and soothing vocals paired with a straight kick, thriving drums and a perfect snair to top it off . Smooth, but sill made to dance to.

The B2, „Enter the Void“, is a track that’s more than worthy to finish off this wonderful record. It’s the deepest of the pack and an 8-minutes monster of a track that takes it’s time. Dub meets House and shows how Deephouse can and should sound like.

All in all a true gem that will not go out ouf style as long as there is House.

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A1 Stimulation 5:49
A2 Stimulation (Mark E Remix) 7:43
B1 Faith 6:15
B2 Enter The Void 7:43


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